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You've never known
an assurance like this.
We'll protect you and your loved ones.

We are in the business of saving and protecting lives from health & security threats 24/7, globally, with over 25 years of relevant experience.

Business Trip to Bangladesh

“On business in Bangladesh, civil unrest suddenly arose, and I had to escape an angry mob. I called GSC and they guided me to a save place. Shortly after, I had contact with a local GSC agent who managed to guide me to my hotel and made arrangements to fly me out in time shortly before the government announced a state of emergency and would have left me stranded."

Family Fishing

We're an assurance like no other.

Few travelers expect a security or health crisis while they are abroad, yet every year, thousands of travelers suffer from serious security issues, illness or injury. Many fall prey to criminals in foreign countries while terrorist attacks and natural disasters leave travellers stranded from home. In many areas of the world, appropriate care for security incidents is inadequate or emergency response is unacceptably slow. Language barriers can also be problematic and confusing.

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Tailored Help
Immediate help through our hotline and connection to a local team member, if necessary. Physical meeting with a local contact.

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Lifeline While Travelling

One emergency number for all countries via our mobile app. Additionally, out tracking system shows surrounding hospitals.

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For Everyone

No exclusions due to age, health, etc.

At Global Security Card, we offer a wide range of policies and plans to meet your specific business or personal requirements. Let us worry about your future so you can enjoy your present. Call us today for more information.

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