Enjoy all our support services with a complete circle of security for your travel.

Package prices start at 4k per week.



This add on service will provide you with the following advantages in addition to our standard services:


  • Country Risk Forecast Service and for all destinations of your travel

  • Operational Intelligence service daily during your travel

  • Security Advice and Assistance hotline

  • Security Personnel for your travel destinations

  • Medical Personnel for your travel destinations

  • Rescue Operators for your travel destinations


How It Works

After a complimentary consultation, our team analyses your travel plans on any safety and security deficiencies and develops a tailored security plan and create security arrangements for your travel.



All-inclusive travel package

This includes all features of our premium service:

  • Pre-travel security awareness briefing

  • Country Risk Forecast Service

  • Daily operational Intelligence Reports

  • Security assistance hotline

  • One security or medical agent for your travel destination

  • Rescue teams on standby

Additional costs for accommodation apply

(for danger level I and II only)


  • Pre-travel security awareness briefing

  • Country Risk Forecast Service

  • Daily operational Intelligence Reports


Additional costs for accommodation apply


Tailored Travel Briefing 

Live travel briefing for all your destinations concerning security awareness and medical support.

Certified Operators

Rescue Operators

In case of any major security or medical emergency our team will bring you home. Your security team will link up with additional rescue forces to evacuate you to safety if the situation calls for it.

Medical Personnel

We provide paramedics or doctors to accompany your travel. Complete U. S. standard emergency medical service at your disposal where ever you go. Our paramedics travel with complete EMS equipment to battle any medical issues along the way.

Security Personnel

Trained security personnel will travel with you or will pick you up at your destination. Your customized security team protects mitigates your personal risks in any country of travel.

Country Risk Forecast Service 

Premium members have access to current risk assessments for all destinations of their travel.

Country Risk Forecast Service monitors security and terrorism developments and evaluates their significance for an organization's operations, assets and supply chain.

Country profiles include an assessment of the issues affecting the business environment plus a recommendation to enable easy comparisons between political, operational, security and terrorism threats around the world.

Operational Intelligence Reports, OIR

Operational Intelligence Report Service provides independent, business-focused analysis of the latest developments in political, operational, security and terrorism risk worldwide. OIR is updated every day during office hours (U.S. Pacific Time), seven days a week for the duration of the membership. Get daily updates on safety advices and threat reports via email or your phone app.

Security Advice Assistance Hotline

Premium members will have telephone access 24 hours a day, for the duration of the membership to GPS security specialists for up-to-date security and safety information and timely and expert advice including pre-travel concerns, advice on managing an emerging risk,and response to a critical situation (emergency and disaster plans).

Response in the case of a kidnap and ransom or extortion case is not included within the clients fee but can be made available on request under separate arrangements. Call handling and operations delivery shall follow the Standard Operations Procedure or the Customized Operations Procedure (as the case may be).

All our features are individually available as single add-ons.

Single Prices available!