Meet The Team


H. Binek: Founder & CEO

Areas of expertise: Strategic planning, close quarter combat, intelligence and counterintelligence, disaster management, medical care.


Hermann Binek is a former Mountain Ranger in the German miltary and was trained by the police in Baden-Württemberg in the Department of Personal
Protection before working internationally in the intelligence sector of the state. He has been a business owner of a specialized security company for more than 20 years. He possesses extensive training in security technologies, programs, surveillance and disaster management.

Australia and South East Asia/South America

S. Golby

Areas of expertise: Technical defense, firearms, armored vehicles, K-9 handler, object protection in hazardous areas.


Simon Golby has been a member of the Australian Defense Force and Australian Federal Police. He has been deployed in the Middle East, South East Asia and South America. He received training in Crisis management and rescue applications. He’s a security EMT.


Colonel Ret. Dr. Ray Striler

Areas of expertise: Former Green Beret and Special Forces Member, Specialties: strategic planning, observation, espionage, intelligence, psychological training.

Raymond Striler is a retired U.S. Army officer with a doctorate in Psychology. He received special training in Airborne, Ranger, Ski, Winter Warfare, Jump Master, Special Forces and Scuba schools. He was the commander of the underwater recovery team in Europe. He was the Professor of Military Science.

Europe and Middle East

C. Lochner

Areas of expertise: Surveillance and counter surveillance, Armorer, Rifle and hand-gun instructor, tactical and evasive driving, strategic planning. Allterrain operations, rescues, firearms, CQC, Instructor for combat operations.


Chris Lochner has been a member of the German army High Mountain Infantry (HMI) platoon, an elite military unit of the German military. He received specialized training with HMI platoon, Reconnaissance, Mountain Rescue Sommer and Winter, Climbing and rope technics, Military medic education, Military self-defense, fighting in complex terrain, radio and telecommunication training, Summer and Winter warfare training in high altitude terrain.



Areas of expertise: Air evacuation Specialist for extreme rescue missions, Paramedic instructor, defensive Driving, rifle marksman, high altitude
mountaineering specialist.

Paul Fegg is an international institution when it comes to rescue. Authorities from different countries seek his help and competence when human lives have to be saved. He’s had been on rescue missions around the world in war zone countries such as Afghanistan to disaster areas in the middle East.

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