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Tailored Help
Immediate help through our hotline and connection to a local team member, if necessary. Physical meeting with a local contact.

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Lifeline While Travelling

One emergency number for all countries via our mobile app. Additionally, out tracking system shows surrounding hospitals.

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For Everyone

No exclusions due to age, health, etc.

A 24/7 hotline to manage personal emergencies and to connect to on-the-ground  assistance, either by phone or in-person, for any type of emergency.

GSC’S network of local assets is based on criteria influenced by decades of infield experience as global intelligence and personal protection officers.



  • No limit on the number of incidents per individual for the duration of the membership

  • Live person contacts and fully-staffed security service 24/7

  • Single international contact number for all services

  • All benefits and services included in a single pre-paid premium

  • No age restrictions

  • No physical examination required

  • No claims or reimbursement forms



  • Current risk assessments for all destinations of your travel

  • International security awareness and travel safety country briefing

  • Security personnel for your travel destinations

  • Medical personnel for your travel destinations

  • Rescue team for your travel destinations

  • Live tracking and operational intel assistance



  • Live person communication and on-the-ground support, if necessary

  • Development and execution of emergency plans for individual emergency situations

  • Liaison with diplomatic services

  • Assistance with lawful/unlawful arrest or any concerning interaction with local police

  • Support with ambulatory medical incidents

  • Guidance and supervision to secure your assets

  • Crime victim assistance

  • Psychological care and support in any emergency

  • Security operators

  • Local advice

  • Language barriers


Our short term individual plans cover one person traveling for leisure. They are a great option for quick trips, annual coverage for frequent travel, or full-time expatriates. 


Designed to cover all members of your immediate family when traveling, including spouses or domestic partners and all dependent children


We offer significant discounts to companies with traveling employees.Global Security Card emergency membership plans will protect you and your employees when you travel.


We offer our WHITE GLOVE SERVICE where you can enjoy all our support services with a complete circle of security for your travel.


State of the art live global network!


This international alliance of industry professionals around the world gives us the unique position to be local everywhere. Our security experience in more than 90 countries is your advantage.

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