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  1. Live person contacts and fully-staffed security service 24/7. One local emergency number, worldwide.

  2. Global Security Card membership options are affordably  priced to fit individual, family and business needs.

  3. The U.S. State Department, Centers for Disease Control, and travel experts recommend security planning, because of the increased international travel risks.

  4. No limit on the number of incidents per individual for the duration of the membership

  5. Travel, health, and evacuation policies do not cover any security needs. We are ground breaking and unique!

  6. Global Security Card membership is straightforward and simple:

                         - No claim forms

                         - No hidden fees

                         - Our “no restriction” benefits are unmatched:

                         - No age restrictions

 7. We are pioneers in secure global interoperability – with other words, We are local, everywhere!
     We communicate between our local point of contacts and you as our clients in case of any distress. 

 8. If you become seriously injured or ill and adequate care is unavailable, we evacuate you to a safe area.

 9. We communicate directly with your loved ones abroad in any case of distress. We are your life line.

9 reasons why every traveler needs the Global Security Card

An Emergency Abroad Leaves You Looking For A ‘Lifeline’

  • Who do you call if there’s an accident abroad?

  • How do you locate a hospital?

  • How do you arrange an ambulance or transportation home after receiving care?

  • Stolen/lost/delayed luggage leaves you without your prescription medications; where do you go to get help?

  • What if you don’t speak the language…how do you know you are getting appropriate care?

  • How do you replace a missing passport or lost credit cards?

Short Description Of What We Do In Different Cases

Lost Your Passport or Luggage?

We connect you to the nearest U. S. diplomatic service for your passport renewal and help you getting retrieving your luggage or find replacement.

Vacation is compromised due to natural disaster like volcano, flooding, etc.?

We meet up with you and bring you the nearest port for your save exit.

Unlawful arrest or charges by local law enforcement?

We meet up with you and mediate with police, lawyers, etc. to get the best care possible.

Lost or stolen purse with I.D. and hotel information?

We call your hotel for you and communicate with authorities to get you back on track as fast as possible.

Been in a road side accident?

We meet up with you and help you with local administration, hospital, police by mediating and translating for you. We stay connected with your loved ones at home.

Having a dispute with locals in a foreign language?

We speak the local language and communicate to resolve the issue on site if necessary.

Being lost and can’t speak the local language?

We can track you and speak the local language to guide you on your way.

Our track record speaks for itself. Click here.

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