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Hermann Binek | CEO of GSC LLC

Hermann is a former Mountain Ranger and was trained by the German police in the Department of Personal Protection before working internationally in the intelligence sector of the state. He has been a business owner of a specialized security company for more than 20 years.

When Hermann was contracted to work for the Amazing Race - travelling through 10 countries per race, and a total of 80 - he quickly realised there was a need for better cover - whether it be medical, safety or security. He was often left dealing with situations where he needed on-the-ground or immediate help and it took too long or wasn’t available. To ensure his own safety, Hermann reached out to professional colleagues and created his own back up and support system - and thus began the start of the Global Security Card. Believing that everyone deserves to have someone they can reach out to and find guidance, help or direction, the Global Security Card offers their clients this, all around the world.

Throughout Hermann’s professional career he has successfully prevented three government-level assassination attempts, spearheaded the creation and implementation of new security standards for the show The Amazing Race and it’s international iterations and has been an invaluable asset to multiple global celebrities. His operational experience in intelligence and psychology complements his areas of expertise. He possesses extensive training in security technologies, programs, surveillance and disaster management.

Key Projects

CBS/The Amazing Race: Cultivates strategic relationships with local law enforcement bodies in every country where races have taken place for over 14 seasons. Effectively trains local law enforcement officers in the complexities of performing risk assessments, medical supervision and operational intelligence to protect show hosts and participants. Ensures the flawless deployment of security services by providing extensive supervision of all operations.

• NBC Network/Ford: Mitigated the occurrence of any security incidents for the shows “Ford Escape Routes” and “Focus Rally” by supervising security on routes and by providing travel security services for entire staff.

• The University of California: Counsels faculty regarding the evolution of security/medic curriculum playing a major role in shaping the careers of future security leaders.

• CWC - Erindi Game Reserve: Spearheaded the development security plans for the reserve’s anti-poaching units. Applicant and consultant for the U.S. project “Combating Wildlife Crime”.

• Guns N Roses, Cher, Britney Spears: Relied upon for critical security detail, threat analysis and medic services for each entertainer.

• Royal Highness Prince Turki Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud: Oversaw the highest levels of security detail including preventing assassination attempts.

• Mr. Ausweger, Mr. Prince, Austria, Nigeria, Netherlands: Successfully prevented kidnapping and assassination attempts.

Recent Training:
International Canyon Rescue training course – European Red Cross 10/2020
COVID-19-mass-risk-assessment-training – WHO 09/2020
Covid-19 Compliance officer – Health Education Services 09/2020
Covid-19 Awareness – 360Training 08/2020
Clinical management of seasonal influenza – WHO Emergency Programme 06/2020
Professional handling of infectious diseases EMT – GPS school 06/2020
Preparing workplaces for COVID-19 – OSHA Academy 06/2020
Infection Prevention and Control – WHO Emergency Programme 06/2020
COVID-19 Contact Tracing – Johns Hopkins University 06/2020
Emergency Operations Center functions – FEMA, US Dept. of Homeland Security 06/2019
Hazardous Materials Course – FEMA, US Dept. of Homeland Security 04/2020
Search & Rescue Of Avalanche Victims - Government (Mountain Rescue Germany) 02/2019
Canyon Rescue Course – (Mountain Rescue Germany) 08/2018
SIM-MED TRAINING COURSE – German Government 12/2017
Basic Winter Refresher Course – Incorporated (Mountain Rescue Germany) 03/2017
Active Shooter Course— FEMA, US Dept. of Homeland Security 10/2016
Mountain Rescue Officer training— GPS/Bergwacht 09/2016
Medical Refresher course including duty at German Red Cross paramedic station BGD 09/2016
Mountain Rescue Officer— GPS/Bergwacht 08/2015
NRA Pistol Instructor Certification— 03/2015
Close Quarter Combat Certification— Incorporated (Joe Moreira) 01/2015
Tactical Shooting Handgun III— Incorporated 11/2014
Climbing Basics Course—Bergwacht BGD 01/2014

And more!

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